Jeremy Maclin was a surprise post-June 1 cut on Friday by the Kansas City Chiefs, so which teams should sign the veteran wide receiver? Every offseason, the time for post-June 1 cuts always contains some surprising names. There was little time wasted in fans seeing one of those coming about. On Friday evening, the Kansas City Chiefs announced that they'd cut veteran wide receiver Jeremy Maclin.From a cap standpoint, the move makes sense. Per Spotrac, the Chiefs saved $10 million on their Cam Newton Jerseys books by cutting Maclin. And to a degree, the move also makes sense from a football standpoint. Maclin has been reliable and productive at times, but he's not been the player Kelvin Benjamin Jerseys that Kansas City ultimately paid for. With that said, Maclin showed last season that he's fully capable of being an effective receiver in this league. He still has solid hands and still has speed to beat teams deep, even if it's not as lethal as it once was. As such, his phone almost surely started immediately Star Lotulelei Jerseys ringing following the news of his release.In that light, though, which teams should be calling? There are certainly a bevy of options, but these five teams make a ton of sense for signing Jeremy Maclin. This might seem like an odd addition to this list for a number of reasons. For one, the Cowboys haven't been big players in free agency to this point, unless you count losing their secondary, due to them being financially strapped against the salary cap. What's more, they re-signed both Luke Kuechly Jerseys Terrance Williams and Brice Butler this Greg Olsen Jerseys offseason. With Dez Bryant still in the fold along with Cole Beasley and Ryan Switzer, they should be okay at the position.

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Playoff picture. Week 14

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Расстановка команд в верхней части таблицы AFC неизменна. Львиная доля команд, входивших в преддверии 14-й недели в первую девятку, одержали победы. Проиграли только Colts, однако команде Чака Пагано недостает мотивации: в двойку лучших не пробиться, но лидерство в своем дивизионе уже не потерять. Все благодаря второму кряду поражению Titans, которые катятся параллельным курсом со Steelers. Chargers сели на хвост Ravens и Dolphins, но не будем забывать, что в очной встрече уступили Майами.  

Ситуация в NFC смотрится поживее. Eagles благодаря 5 победам кряду взлетели на вершину дивизиона. Они опережают Cowboys на одну победу, но в первом райвалри проиграли. Скорее всего, судьба первой строчки NFC East решится в рематче на 17-й неделе. Lions сохраняют первое место в NFC North лишь за счет побед, одержанных ранее над Bears. Соотношение побед и поражений обеих команд идентично. В спину им дышат Packers, уступающие полпобеды. Giants возглавляют список команд, утративших шансы на попадание в плэйофф.   

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